Suzanne Kobela

Darksurrealist painter

What lies deep in the subconscious? That differs for every individual, but it’s secrets can be lured to the surface with various methods. That is what I want to achieve with my art.

In my paintings I use the grotesque characters and surrealistic landscapes to parallel the clash of thoughts that race through one’s mind during the day.

The everyday struggles as  going through life, moments, like a  happy memory being shadowed by an unfortunate occurrence on the same day; or the opposite: the shadow of a bad day dissolves by a sweet momentum.

The „creepy-cute” designs of the characters stand for the imagination of the  inner-child that accompanies us through our whole life however, their macabre state is not something to be sorry for. It shows the complexity of a person from a psychological point of view.

 In my art I focus on illustrating nature and animals and try to stay away from using humanoid characteristics, since I myself think humanity does not stand above the laws of nature.

 Therefore, I encourage the viewer to take a step away from the human ego  and catch the importance of connecting with nature, too.

When I begin working on a piece, I let my mind go with the initial thought and let the artwork form itself. I let my subconscious bring itself to the surface and to connect with others who are ready to face what’s inside of them.

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Exclusive Interview with Suzanne Kobela

Hello Dear Suzanne Kobela, thank you for giving us the chance to interview with you. Our first question is how is Quarantine affecting your art? 

 -Hi and thank you for having me! Well, dare I say I was one of the luckier people during lockdown? With my job I am pretty much at home most of the time, taking care of everything from my room, so workplace-wise and socializing-wise, I would say it did not affect me that much What did affect me was, that travelling got banned as well, so two big cons I was waiting for a lot got cancelled for me. I love going to cons, (especially since these ones were ment to be abroad)meeting friends there, the sales at cons usually help me out a ton in my income, so yeah. I kept going, so it wasn’t really a negative thing for me at all.  

In these strange and unusual times, what do you find the most challenging about being an Artist? 

 - Very good question. I would probably say the clash of toughts are the worst for me. As an artist I have the daydreaming artistry side for sure, but I was raised by two lawyers, so I have a strong, staying with two feet on the ground personality when it comes to my job as well. I try staying away from the news, only reading what is necessary, because I know it would push me to the ground. Constantly thinking, processing, thinking, knocking my head on the wall, falling down, getting up, rethinking, thinking again, processing….and this process over and over and over was the hardest for me as it can drain one’s energy a lot. But as my father usually tells me: ’In the end, something always happens!’ . Between us it means in the end, you can always find a solution. I was trying to hold onto that in this trying year. 

We are seeing animals and nature elements stand out in your works. Can you tell us your artistic vision and what inspires you to work with your theme? 

 - Ever since I was a child, nature fascinated me. Always loved animals, spent lots of time with my grandparents chickens and I always asked to be brought to family members who raised animals too. Collected bugs and insects. Also watched lots of nature/science show in the TV. When I was a child, I wanted to become a veterinarian too, to be able to heal animals. This idea of mine fall through very quickly when science classes did not agree with me in school. My other big inspiration was fantasy. As I grew older, everything that wasn’t real started fascinating me as well. Anything, that helped me escape reality a bit took big chunks of me. Starting with Dragonheart the movie, to Harry Potter, then Narnia, Lord of the rings, lots of other fantasy books as well…everything that helped me travel to another world or a parallel world. That was big part of my art for a long time, then I had to put away fantasy art, because some of the schools I attended at and wanted to apply to did not really appreciate it. Years later when I decided to not apply to universities anymore and to try walking my own path, I took up everything almost where I left them. I found artists via the internet whose art inspired me more than anything ever, and I said ’this is what I want to do too!!’. I found the american popsurrealism movement as well. And ever since then, most of my works are visions. I take inspiration from lots of psychological issues, climate change, what the anthropocene causes to our Planet… I am just starting to realize now, what kind of messages I want to tell with my works and how could I best communicate them via my imaginery.  As an example, I don’t use humanoid forms in my art at all. I want the viewer to step away from the human ego a bit. And step away from the sparkly bubble of toughts we created for ourselves. Therefore the weird, undead creatures.  But most of my paintings just pop into my mind. I am thinking about something and then bamm, it appears as a base illustration, the rest is up to me, what I am doing with it. I could probably spend hours telling about all the little details that can build up a painting’s psychological background. 

How did you start with your art adventure?  

- My first ever clear memory is seeing the sun come up over the savannah and Lebo M. starting the first chant of the ’Circle of Life’. As I just began watching ’The Lion King’. Not 100% sure , but could easily say that started everything deep down in my mind. I probably saw that movie thousands of times ever since and the older I got, the more I learned about how that movie was made. Also started learning about the animation industry itself as well. I dig myelf into Disney animations and all the extra documentaries the DVDs had about the makings of those movies. I wanted to become an animator as well. As I already mentioned, fantasy was big part of my life and I wanted to be able to bring the imaginations to life, wanted to tell stories with ’moving pictures’. As I walked forward on this journey, I slowly realized that drawing animations is not up my alley, the repetitiveness of the job wasn’t for me at all. That was when I first got more interested in illustration making. Tought that maybe I could be a concept artist in the end! But when I was thinking and realizing all of this, I was learning in an art school that was very strict on what one can draw and paint.My first assignment was criticized very negatively down to the floor. I wanted to get into university, but the university had preferred style needs. After a while, I started taking it harder and harder that people wanted to put me in a box in ART. ART that shouldn’t be about boundaries and telling the other what to do at all. I was very happy with all the extra knowledge I got there, because I learned about anatomy and certain theories that should be learned when someone wants to go this way. But I had to face that I might be too ’feral’ for this to say so. It all turned around when I found all the new inspiration over the internet, the one that I mentioned in my previous answer too. I quit the idea of going to university, and started building my own little corner in this huge world. Been doing it ever since and there is still a long long way to go. I feel like I only start to get an idea what I exactly want to do with my art, what I want to give to my audience and what stories I would like to tell. And I cannot wait for it to be more crystallized! 

Can you give us a spoiler on what’s coming next for Suzanne Kobela? 

 - If I would know that, haha, hopefully many good things! With the launch of my Patreon I have a feeling that I just stepped into a new chapter of my job completely. As I mentioned I am just starting to get an idea what I really want to do with my job and it is definitely a big plan for the future to work on more art which have deeper messages. I would like to start working together with more galleries and convention venues too. Building further what I started to build zirka 5 years ago now…

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