33 Thirsty Tree

                                         - a journey through nature, feelings and thoughts -

33 Thirsty Tree is the realm where the human mind loses its connection with daily reality, social ‘values’ or false beliefs. There should not be any boundaries in our ways of thinking, feeling or acting. We are all so caught up in this cold and hungry machine that mutilates us from the beginning and enslaves us all our lives, and we are having the ugly illusion that we are free. And we forgot our nature and Nature itself.

‘Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?’ might not be easy questions to answer to, but a lot easier would be reconnecting with Nature, understanding it and praising its beauties, the real true forms of art.














- Hello Dear Thirsty Tree. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is how the “Quarantine” affects your art?

It didn’t affect in any way. On the contrary, staying home this period helped me focus on my work. The galleries and the art spaces from Bucharest didn’t show interest from the begining, so I do not relate to them. The works I make would fit in an abandoned house or in the forest, not in contemporary art museum, where the interest is just for the money, not for the art or the idea behind it.



- In these strange and unusual times, what do you find is the most challenging part about being an Artist?

I find strange and unusual all the years, not only this period. Not being able to live from art and having no choice but a 9 to 5 job is the saddest part. And the second challenging part I find is the straight line an artist should keep with his art, without compromises and non-sense materialism.



- Bring it back to the basics, what inspires you to create and what motivates you

to keep creating?

Nature and humans. These two have separated from each other too much. The technology has helped us, the humans, indeed, but all this got way too far and it is getting worse. All these hi-tech gadgets have become our best friends and we cannot see ourselves without them. The artificial social network is slowly destroying us, the humans. And this antagony between the nowadays human being and the human that should be has made me reflect on this matter and it is the background story behind my works, aside from Nature, obviously. I will not change the world and it is not my purpose, anyway, just that I want to show that Nature and Man can go alonside beautifully. And I also have this will to break boundaries, concerning art and also myself.




- Can you tell us your artistic vision and what inspires you to work with your theme?

I find Nature as a whole the purest and most beautiful work of art. The art made by humans will never reach such beauty and complexity. With my art I just want to be as similar as possible with a tree or a flower...



- Can you give us a spoiler on what’s coming next for Thirsty Tree?

In the near future the first Studnia album will appear on which I’ve made de design, containing four of my works. One of the two guys from Studnia has his own project, Zguba, and I am going to make a video for one of songs from the first album, song which I really like and inspired me. There are some other possible collaborations, but nothing certain for the moment. I will definetly make other artworks and try to stretch my imagination as high as possible in the future, and create something different and inovative each time.



Exclusive Interview with Ivano Sabot

- Hello Dear Ivano Sabot. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is how the “Quarantine” affects your art?

Thank you for the time given to me. It is difficult to say at this time how or if the quarantine affected my art. We still are in the middle of this pandemic. I have a slow process of digesting events, interpreting them, and turning them into art. A dramatic and dividing event such as this one needs time to be processed. When I create, it is always on a topic from something already metabolized, understood and dissected. We still are in the middle of this pandemic, and I do not want to fall into the over abused quarantine diaries trend. 

- In these strange and unusual times, what do you find is the most challenging part about being an Artist? 

In the past months, measures taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus, such as social distancing and quarantines, have led to greater isolation. These measures forced me to spiral negative thoughts about this uncertain time, and it had an undeniable impact on my mental health. Being an artist, keeping up with my daily routine, and making art helped me to overcome anxiety. Now what I fear is that what today seems surreal, strange and unusual, will become everyday life. A traumatic event such as the pandemic requires a discussion, shared by individuals and the collective, capable of lasting over time, and not in an empty or rhetorical way. 

- Can you tell us more about your project “Hymns”? 

The project Hymns was born in Rome. During a conversation among friends, a dreamlike vision appeared to me. It was a face that emerged from the waters of the sea, and that vision remained with me and grew for days.No clue what that meant, but I had to translate it into an image. But it was not enough, a constant flow of images overlapped in my head. After a few pictures were made, I realized a project was born. I called it Hymns. At the beginning, it was just a simple visual language. A paper mask at the centre of the image, and a few significant objects around it. An attempt to criticize modern society with child-like eyes. After relocating to Prague at the end of 2015, I started weaving together masks, silhouettes, fabrics, and lights, intending to investigate, through surreal, and at times grotesque images, my vision of the world and the endless shades of life itself. Playing with sculptures and paintings, and experimenting with those new materials, pushed me to explore the environment, moving away from the bidimensional and flat perspective of my earlier images. Religion, human relations, and especially the vision of women in modern society became the theme of my work. I strongly believe in the need to build a society based on freedom, where the pursuit of happiness is the only purpose of existence. 

- Masks are a recurring pattern throughout your artworks. What does this image mean to you? Can you explain the symbolism behind your use of masks? 

“Man is least himself when he speaks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” This quotation of Oscar Wilde is a perfect fit to explain my work. From ancient times men have worn masks; they make it to acquire a new identity, for religious purposes, or for fun. At the dawn of history, masks were believed to have magical powers.The man who wore them could become something else, even a God. In the Greek theatre, just by wearing masks actors could turn themselves into anybody: kings, slaves, soldiers, or heroes. Masks ease telling the truth and revealing our true nature. Taking advantage of this freedom of expression, I played with different types of masks, at first a paper mache mask, but in real life, the masks are well hidden behind our face. Keeping that thought in mind, I started to create faces with clay, the ideal filter that man places between himself and others and characterizes every moment of our relationship and social interaction. Without the possibility of seeing more of us, our potential and various forms of expression boil down to one. 

- Can you give us a spoiler on what’s coming next for Ivano Sabot? 

Difficult to say. I am not much of a planner. I love when things happen in an unexpected way, like this experience with you. It enriches me, and it makes me want to grow more as an artist. 






Exclusive Interview with Monica Hee Eun 

- Hello Dear Monica Hee Eun. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is how the “Quarantine” affects your art? 

Hello, and thank you for this opportunity. In the time we’ve had the quarantine, here in Copenhagen, Denmark, I’ve actually been getting more time to work on my art. In that sense, the circumstances has worked in my favour. I wouldn’t say anything else has differed regarding the themes, motivations or thoughts in relation to my art. In terms of exhibitions, I’ve had one that was postponed, but luckily not cancelled. In these strange and unusual times,

- What do you find is the most challenging part about being an Artist?

Apart from the restrictions and cancellations of exhibitions and events, I think the most challenging part is the same as during the “usual” times; to accurately manifest your vision and be satisfied or at peace with your creation. First off, when you have an idea or a vision, it is not always easy to portray it in a single painting. You can feel limited and also insecure of how to execute what is on your mind. Also, to dig in and understand what it is you are creating and why, is for me very much an introspective process - if you are aware that your art partially is a reflection of your inner thoughts and emotions, it can at times be a challenging and even a concerning mirror, that you will have to face up to, accept and be confident with having as your personal artistic expression. 

- We are seeing  dark themes stand out in your works. Can you tell us your artistic vision and what inspires you to work with your theme? 

I am interested in the dark or hidden drives and motivations that lurks within us. Those seemingly irrational behaviours, that hail from the shadow side of our psychological composition. This is where my primary inspiration and themes arise from. We are such complex beings, that often ignore or maybe forget, that we are to a great extend powered by the same basic emotions and also subjects to the same mechanisms as our primal ancestors. This is perhaps hard to appropriately regulate and integrate within our modern setting, also because it doesn’t necessarily fit our personal or cultural upbringing and ideals that we want to adhere to, which is often a much more sophisticated, educated, rational and moral way of being. Nonetheless, I find it interesting and necessary to explore these darker themes within, to perhaps become a bit closer to understand who we are and who we want to be. 

- Can you give us a spoiler on what’s coming next for Monica Hee Eun? 

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on getting my art out of the studio, to be viewed in the flesh. So I’d like to try and see to that. Other than that, I have many more paintings in me, that are yet to be created. So I will just keep at it, exploring and creating. 



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