Anastasia Mastilovic


Universe Djokonda, 2020, acrylic, oil pastel, 30 x 26,5 cm
Young Rosa 2020, Ink, acrylic, oil pastel, tracing paper, 43 x 35,5 cm
Psyche, 2020, collage, acrylic, oil pastel,43x35,5 cm
Romeo+Juliet, 2018, poster
Romeo and Juliet 2020, digital art, collage, acrylic
Romeo and Juliet, 2018, poster
Ancestry, 2020, Ink, acrylic, oil pastel, 35,5 x 43 cm
Self-Portrait 2020, acrylic, oil pastel, tracing paper, 35,5 x 43 cm
Triptych _Thoughts Before Apocalypse_ 2019, oil pastel, acrylic, cardboard, 40 x 50 cm
Babushka Tanya, 2018, etching
Triptych _Before Apocalypse_ 2019, oil pastel, acrylic, cardboard, 40 x 50 cm
Memories about Melbourne,2018, linocut
Frozen Twilight, 2019, linocut, 25 x 43 cm
Palette, 2019, linocut, 29 x 29.5 cm

Anastasia Mastilovic

Anastasia Mastilovic was born in Moscow.
She had exhibited an artistic flare from a very young age. When she moved with her family to New York, USA, she would often visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as the The Met Cloisters, and paint there for many hours. Upon her return to Moscow at the age of 8, Anastasia enrolled in an art studio for children, where she was under the tutelage of Igor Gerasimov, a renowned master of water color paintings in Russia. During this period, Anastasia developed various techniques within this field, and had some of her ceramic artworks exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery (2002-2005). She then went to the Krasnopresnenskaya Children’s Art School (2005-2007), before progressing to the Children’s Art School №1, named after V.A. Serov (2007-2011).

After completing school, Anastasia enrolled at the Moscow Academic Art College (2012-2016) where she specialized in Conservation of icons and paintings. Almost all of the conservation and restoration work was carried out on original works from the museum collections, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. Two major museums included the State Historical Museum and The Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve «Kolomenskoye».

Finally, after graduating from college, she was accepted at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute (2017-2019), named after V.I.Surikov, at the Russian Academy of Arts, specializing in Graphic Arts. At the Faculty of Graphics, she engaged in illustration and book design, easel graphics, posters, study type, and graphic design. Her studies also incorporated various techniques and materials, such as lithography, etching, and engraving. Anastasia’s paintings have been exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Historical Museum, the Moscow Union of Artists, the Central House of Artists, and other exhibition halls in Moscow. She is working in monotype, linocuts, pastels and painting. At the same time, Anastasia does not limit herself to the color palette, she combines texture and material to create picturesque allegories. She now lives and works in the USA.


My art has been influenced by two predominant movements; expressionism and surrealism. Although, my goal is to remain outside of any “isms”, preferring to create my own unique way. My inspiration is daily life with an emphasis on Christianity, love, and death. In the world I have created, fantasy merges with reality, and Christian symbolism is ever-present. The theme of the Apocalypse touches me deeply. All the moments of a person’s life and actions have meaning. And this meaning has an end. This eternal theme is something that I feel most intimately when I visit cemeteries and Gothic cathedrals.


Hello Dear V. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is how the “Quarantine” affects your art?


Thanks to you Marvelous Art Gallery ! I can’t tell you I’m personally affected by the quarantine because I used to work at home with my cats. I can’t note real changes. However, all the events are canceled, so people can’t see my Artworks if they don’t follow me on instagram or on my website. As all the artist, artisan and little brand, we have to communicate more and more to be seen.  Life is not as it must be, but we have to deal with it and keep creating while waiting for better days to come.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what drove you to choose art as a career?

I was born in Nancy, in France, I moved to Paris ten years ago. I worked in fashion industry before, I was fashion designer in Haute Couture and ready-to-wear, then artistic director. Six years of intensive work in fashion industry, it’s a good recipe for burnout. After that, I needed to do something positive for myself. I decided to make eye portraits of people I met who lend an helping hand during my lifetime. I was already fascinated by the eyes when I was a child, so it was a good compromise. I started by family eyes and friends, then, older teachers, then unknown people met in the street. I created instagram profil and past stickers in Paris street. Then,  people ask me for stickers and I sent them in worldwide and they sent me picture of my stickers where they were, my art traveled a lot and some people asked for their eyes.

We want to talk about the “Eyes” you choose for your main theme. We agree that Eyes are windows to the soulquote and we want to hear your opinion on this subject too.  Can you tell us more about your influences and your inspirations about the “Eyes” ?

I found eye drawings made in 1998. All my family members told me  I had inherited eyes of my grandmother, they used the word «stole » as I stole her eyes. It’s a strange turn of phrase. Anyway, I started to draw eyes and take pictures of my eyes, of my friends. I was obsessed with eyes, each eye I painted were different with his particularities, his colors. Eyes are means of expression, when you look someone directly into the eyes, it’s a special feeling, each time different. I’m particularly interested in the iridology, it’s an ancient science to evaluate the health of people through their eyes. It’s an interesting demonstration of this quote, iris is transparent, it’s literally a window of soul.  I’m lucky to make this job, I’m eye portraitist, I meet all the time new wonders of nature. I spread a little bit of my soul when I paint eyes of others.


You mainly work with oil paints. Can you share a little bit about your creative process?

In fact, I used to work with acrylic but everybody think that’s oil paint because I put a lot of successive layers and I dilute a lot paint to have transparence, light and shades. My process is simple. Frist I draw eye on my canvas with picture of this one in front of me and then I start painting, I try to find first layer of each color, I structure with light and shades and I detail progressively.The most important is not the technical it’s what I feel when I paint.


Can you give us a spoiler on whats coming next for V.?

I’m working on my first solo show project, it’s a lot of work to plan it, specially in this conditions but I can tell you the item : «  Tree of Life ».


november ıssue


“Dress For The Grave” Collection

We're proud to be a partner of his project of Karisma - “Dress For The Grave”. You can watch the Speedart video with this link : And you can follow him on :
We're proud to be a partner of his project of Karisma - “Dress For The Grave”. You can watch the Speedart video with this link : And you can follow him on :
We're proud to be a partner of his project of Karisma - “Dress For The Grave”. You can watch the Speedart video with this link : And you can follow him on :

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