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Biography :

Gaya Lastovjak is self-taught artist, born in 1987. 

Education - MA in Art History - University of Warsaw 

Lives in Krakow, Poland. 

In her works, the author focuses on various aspects of human existence and all issues related to it. She's been exploring different kinds of environment to gain introspection into man's life. Figures on the paintings assume familiar and characteristic poses used for depiction of specified social problems. Gravity of the works themes collides with their harmonious form. The paintings covered mainly in white paint appear to be static, colors are replaced by shadows by which the works visually gain additional dimension, the one between a painting and sculpture. In 2021, it was included in three foreign publications: Arabic Independent (Saudi Arabia), Art Show International Gallery (USA) and in the artistic newsletter Photographize Arts Culture (USA). In the same year, she began to take part in international art competitions, which resulted in several awards and distinctions. The first success of 2022 was the acceptance of the artist's works for participation in the 14th Art Biennale in Florence, which will take place in 2023. She was also invited by the Van Gogh gallery (Madrid) to participate in the Monaco International Contemporary Art Fair. This year, one of the artist's paintings was featured on the cover of the art and poetry magazine The Woven Tale Press (New York). In July, she took part in the 59th Venice Biennale 2022 at Musa Pavilon - courtesy of the Musa International gallery. The author has participated in a couple of exhibitions, both collective and individual ones as well as cooperated with auction houses and galleries: Desa Unicum, DNA, SDA, Fineart's, Next Gallery also Singulart, ATArt Gallery, Saatchiart, Monshareart Gallery and the Viennese Polskajungart. Gaya Lastovjak's works have been featured in international exhibitions in Austria, Portugal and Italy. Her paintings has been acquired by private collectors from Switzerland, USA, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany among others. In addition, she is involved in sculpture / paper installations, performance and happening art.

Contemporary figurative artist creating three-dimensional paintings with her own technique using paper-mache, canvas and oil paint. The paintings reveal a sculptural vision of form, they surprise with their diversity in terms of structure and message, focusing on showing the aspect of human existence. The characters in her paintings are static, even rigid, as if frozen in certain poses, thus showing a specific social problem, which is loneliness, limitation, pressure or anonymity. Currently, the subject matter focuses on issues such as internal struggle, strength, and to present various emotional states of the human. The departure from the traditional range of colors in favor of white allows for perfect accentuation of light and shade. Everything seems to be saturated with symbolic content, the author entrusts her thoughts to the artistic matter and impresses it with her own feelings.

  Artist Statement :

"All my paintings have a symbolic meaning, I build their message with body language. Aristotle says that all our knowledge comes from the senses. The forms we deal with are therefore images that are, in a way, psychic extensions of our perception. They are in our imagination. In Aristotle, the hand as a "tool of tools" also appears as a "connecting tool" of the soul. It can therefore be said that every artist or creator treats his hands as the tool to embody his perception. In my works, body language is very important due to the power of the message, shaping the meanings and content of the work of art. Just like the body, the hands play a very important role in communication. Gestures are part of the message we convey to the other person. The touch itself can be very diverse, it can symbolize joining forces, cooperation, care, but it also has its dark side. Hands are a tool to express what we feel and this is shown in my works. Thanks to a specific arrangement, I convey certain content to draw the viewer's attention to the world around him. The goal of my art is not only to create something visually attractive, but also to have an important message. The human body itself is very complex when it comes to various contents, meanings and emotions, hence my fascination with it.".

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