Exclusive Interview with Anna Scary

Hello Dear Anna Scary. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is what’s your background?

I have experimented with various artistic forms but painting has always been part of me; since I was a child I have always had the need to create, my studies have always been artistic and thanks to these I have found various inspirations; Francis Bacon was among the first artists to inspire me, but not only that, and cinema also played an important role.

How do you select the imagery in your work?

There are periods in which I have preferences for colors and expressions of some subjects rather than others, the selection occurs mainly through my instinct.

We saw a lot of “Dark Art” touch in your artworks. We want to talk about the Dark theme  in your artworks. Can you tell us more about why you choose this theme for your main theme?

What is dark allows me to express myself better, through these themes can express all my thoughts, I define my art "disturbing realism" because I often talk about what is real and inherent in us, those hidden parts that we do not want to see how if they were inner monstrosities; more than “dark “ I would define what I do "horror"

 What sorts of subject matter informs your creative process? 

 The subjects can be many; it depends on the period I live personally but also on the periods we live socially, I often speak of our human being, of life and of society, I often paint what we are, or emotions.

What is your creative process like and how does art-making impact other parts of your life?

When I have a fixed thought I have to paint it, I immediately get the idea to create it because that image represents it for me, it is a necessity.

This doesn't have a big impact on my life, but it also keeps me very busy.

 What do you believe it means to be an artist and how did you start with your art adventure?

I think that artists have always been, it means knowing how to express one's ideas or emotions with one's talent, knowing how to reinvent oneself and knowing how to go beyond one's limits even with the mind; it requires commitment, determination and sacrifice; I don't know how and when this journey started because creating images has always been a part of me; I had a long period of artistic silence for many reasons after which I decided to take this path with more determination than before.

Can you talk about any other current or upcoming projects?

I started sticking up posters with my art on the streets; I would like to attack more and bring what I do to everyone's view, for now this is my project. I'd like to do a solo show sooner or later, but I'll see!



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