Hello Dear Egor Beketov. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is how the “Covid-19” affects your art and what is your expectation for the year ahead of us?

Hello guys, thank you for having me. 
Lockdown affected my art in a very direct and a harsh way. At some point I was thinking that I’m going mad. But I began to crawl out exactly with producing more and more photography, developing and exploring new, unfamiliar for me, as a way of shot treatment. Thankfully, it was a very useful period, as I started to form my style precisely at that time. More to say, the majority of the material that I produced during lockdown-turned out to be a significant part of physical exhibition that we opened in Písek, Czech Republic couple of days ago. For this year I have some exhibition already arranged throughout the EU, so it is gonna be an interesting time. 

What is your creative process like? Has your style changed over the years?

I’ve always perceived our world as a form of the “absolute” kind of art - music. Sunset is music, roaring waves and tides are music, woman’s beauty is music etc. Especially, when it comes to human produced art-if it is 'true'- it reflects within you with stream of sounds. So at some point I began to teach myself to listen to what I do.
And I believe that the photography is a music of time. It is a single pure moment taken out of the context of time itself, that if captured, could be heard exactly throughout the movement, throughout it's superposition - we see the beginning, the end, possible alterations of it, but at the same time-no movement at all- a static picture. So it is all about carefully listening to what you do.

Yes, definitely style has changed. I began doing photography not so long ago and my first attempts in this field were on the streets. I loved roaming around places, taking pictures of what seemed to have some essence that can not be expressed in no other way rather than a still image. It was a good ground to learn technical basics, of course. But now I tend to shoot more on indoors, where I could control the lights upon my needs.

What was the most memorable response you had for your work?

Maybe, this interview could be a memorable response in some way?
(Gallery's note; We hope it will Dear Egor!)
The Red and Golem Series you have created is quite fascinating. Can you tell us how did you come up with the idea or does it have any story behind it you may like to share?

Well, the Red Series was an attempt to capture a state of ill consciousness. Not only a physical form or action, that is usual for photography medium, but an attempt to see what else could camera be capable of.
It is a simple story of woman being haunted by some kind of dark entity. But this story is a metaphor of mental disorder, which was described to me by one of my dear one’s.
So I began to experiment more with in-frame sfx, different speed of movement both-the model and camera etc. But it didn’t take much time – whole series was finished in 3-4 days.
But it was completely different story with “Golem”. I was getting material for it within couple of years and all of it was collecting dust in a drawer. But only when I made the very last shot – I suddenly understood that it is completed.
“Golem” is a visual poem about creating something alive from only ashes and dust.

What was the most challenging project that you worked on?

Last year’s summer I worked on exercise for my academy. It was a short film “Saturnus” telling a story of a Father sacrificing his own son in attempt to achieve god-like powers. I was shooting it using silhouettes being projected on a large cloth-screen in 2D perspective with only one 3D perspective last shot, which reveals the core idea of the film – transformation.
Production and post-production period were very tough, we encountered a lot of problems almost on each stage.
But overall – it turned out to be not that bad and now it is being projected on several film-festivals throughout the EU and USA. And soon it would be online, so keep up for updates :) 

What are you working on at the moment?
Right now I’m working on a music video for øjeRum’s new upcoming single. 
What advice would you give to your younger self?

Not to worry about things that you couldn’t change.

Anything else you would like to mention or add for the readers?

Please, support artists by any means possible. It is extremely important for us.
Thank you for your time!