Hello Dear Tanya Momi. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is how the “Covid-19” affects your art?

Oh my gosh. I could take hours and hours to tell you how much covid effected me. Covid-19 was direct effect on my Full Service salon. We were shut down and not able to work and pay our bills. our shopping center is owned by a big corporation they want the rent to be paid in full. The unknown and the fear of getting covid. There was so much fear and depression and the news feed. Did not know what to do who to trust. Sitting at home watching news and the living in frustration. Feeling numb and did not know who to trust. The whole world was suffering. In united states we were safe and we're getting the help we needed. The other countries were just facing so much suffering. There was no end to the suffering going around the world. The peace of mind has gone away and was just stress and internal chaos. Who to trust who to talk too. It has been 2 years and we are still dealing with it. I have became more calm and collective. I simplify my life. I grateful i am more aware of my grounding. I have cut noice out of my life. I am watching each moment and giving back how i can give back to the world. what was building inside me true in Covid-19 series of arr. each painting touch the suffering and emotions of human beings. these 10 paintings came through me like giving birth to my pain and sorrow i saw and felt.
1. Breathe in Breathe out 2.remove the fuel hold the line 3.Heal me i’ll heal you. 4.Global Hunger 5. Give peace receive love 6.Dark day’s of covid-19 7. Think smart wear mask 8.Two years we lost 9. You mean the world to me 10. East west south north.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what drove you to choose art as a career?

As a child i experience 3 wars with india and Pakistan. My grandmothers house was very close to the border. We had to leave our city and go to safe place. experience war as a child really effected me. I did not think there was any safe place to be on this earth. To find my escape i started to draw. I became numb inside. Only way to express was to draw. End up going to studio art.
What was the most challenging project that you worked on?

So far i have not worked on a challenge project. I only challenge my self. I paint what comes to me. i keep painting until i eww what i want to express. I feel blessed to have art as my gift and my best friend. My life struggles gave me story to paint.
Can you tell us what it was like to be a mother as an artist?

I got married and my Ex husband’s family did not support art. I did not paint for 22 years. I was very busy rising 2 kids and running my salon business full time. When I left my abuser. My friends and clients know i was a artist. They keep giving me art supplies. One X-mas Eve my friend Aruna called me and told me she is coming over with my X-mas gift in a van. When she arrived with a brand new easel for my gift. My life changed. Xmas early morning i put a table cloth on the carpet and started painting before the kids woke up I have painted 4 paintings. Kids were so surprise what was going on next to the X-mas tree.
We saw that you have donated your artworks to charities and non-profit organizations. What do you think is the role of the “artist” in society?

I think no one should ask for free art from artist. Artist should get paid and donate some to charity. How come these  high end Name brand companies don’t give back to the communities. Artist struggle to make ends meet. Artist don’t get enough support from people and communities. Art is a very challenging world very few artist reach the top. Wealthy artist can afford to give back. These high end jewelry handbags and clothing companies shopped give back more.
Can you tell us how art has affected your life?

Art has give voice to my struggles and sufferings. My own life was a quite challenging as a single mother I had to start my life from nothing. The world is cruel and very difficult. A single mother has to wear many hats. It is not a easy journey. Finically it is very challenging for a women.We don’t more money what men makes. Through art i am telling my own journey and empowering around the globe. My story empower other women. If I can leave my abuser so can you. I live my life for me not to impress people. I am very comfortable who I am and who I have become.
 You’ve been spoken at the “White House” about women empowerment and leadership. Can we talk a little bit about your speech and background story?
April 14th 2016 I was honored to speak at the White House in the Sikh leadership briefing for the Vaskhi, Quoting Guru Nanak Dev ji founder of Sikh religion, said “So Kyu Manda Aakhiye jit jamme Rajan". Men and women are equal  and therefore women cannot be considered socially or spiritually inferior. I talk about my story as a single mother spoke in the presence of 150 people and my Father Balbir singh Momi writer and journalist and my son and my daughter in the audience. It was very empowering moment for myself and my family.
What’s been your greatest artistic success?
My art been showing museums and galleries around the world. Next year I am traveling all over Europe to show case my art. how these place are finding my art and contacting me.I am keep producing new body of work. I am continue paint and show my art around the world. Leave a legacy of my art.
What advice would you give to your younger self?
Live in a moment and enjoy life and read lots of books and grasp as much knowledge you can. Don’t worry about people they don’t pay your bills. Keep life simple. Live in your means. Save for the old age. Learn to chill and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry too much. Be careful who you give your heart. Choose a right partner. Life is too short to be miserable. Make a difference in your and others life. Live your life the fullest. eat healthy sleep and exercise and mediate a lot. meditation is the biggest secret for life’s happiness.
Anything else you'd like to mention that I didn't ask?

Why art world is so difficult to make it?
Because its not a fair world. Because people with connections promoting their own people. The great artist don’t know how to sell and meet and promote themselves. They are left behind.

Why bad are sell?
The wrong people are promoting art. The true art appreciator are very rare. It’s a wrong people in field. May be one day the right people will come and only promote the true artist. My heart hurt when i see true artist not getting appreciated and they are doing other jobs to survive. The mediocre art is getting sold for hefty price.

Why great artist are still struggling? 
I can give name right on my fingers i have met them and i know these master artist. can’t make a living selling art. they are doing other jobs. they are true mater artist. so much creepy and edgy or nude art is selling. this kind of art has no meaning. Thea real art is hidden from selling.

Why craft is coming in to art? These poring art and crafting art is showing up so much?
All is paint poring gluing paper or pen art is selling in the art world. i call that art frat not art. Use that art for your own home don’t bring it out for sale.

Why women artist are getting the recognition they should get?
I paint 5 style of work. I don’t want to paint one style. I don’t want to known with one style artist. Like you one of my painting and all my 100 paintings looks the same. that is boring.I challenge myself I paint as a gifted artist not a copy artist. There is too much copy art out.

I appreciate for letting me express my honest thoughts. I wish you can understand and keep supporting me. I really thank you so much.