Hello Dear Vartist. Thank you for giving us the chance to Interview with you. Our first question is how the “Covid-19” affects your art?

Only in the way that I made a couple of drawings of people with masks.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what drove you to choose art as a career?

I was born in a family of two artists and grew up crawling between the studios of my father and mother which were separated by a door. On the father’s side we had wooden carvings, clay sculptures, paintings, metal and what not. Mother’s side was full of fabric and thread. She would be creating patchwork paintings, embroideries, makrame lamps and sculptures as well as scrulptures with beeds, etc. Both of them had no limits to what they could do, as far as I could see. So in growing up in such an atmosphere art became my life. So it never became a career.

You're a Multidisciplinary Artist. You have many artworks in Sculpture, Installation, Digital and Traditional Art, also Music. Can you explain to us if this is a difficult thing to do  and how you spend time in your private life?

A number of years ago I had to write an artist statement for the first time and when I thought about it – it quickly dawned on me that creativity is a formless force of creation and doesn’t have a specilisation. You can pour it into any form and it will take that form. All it takes is just to figure out the basics of how to handle the form. Off course, it can be taken to far away places in terms of complexity and sophistication. And that’s where the advantage comes when you spend a lot of time in a given area.
In terms of private life – yes indeed when you have many things happening bringing another person into your life adds more challenges, but that has also its beauty. So it’s worth it.

We saw that you’re mixing couple of different Art themes in your Art. Like  “poetry” and “3D art”  Can you tell us more about this project of you called “3D poems”?

The 3D poems are a combination of different art forms I like to explore – poetry, sound and visual art. First I write the poem, then I narrate it and later create the visuals in VR and afterwards a soundtrack. All combined I call it 3D poems. Maybe I should call it 4D ?

We want to talk about your “First NFT Cathedral” Project. What’s the reason the connect to “Church” and “NFT Art” in the first place?

When the NFT art movement happened I had a thought to add something to it that would be fresh. So I took 12 artists whom I randomly found on twitter – all of whom were not big names – we could say emerging artists like myself. And I asked them to contribute one artwork from their portfolio which I took as a pattern map to sculpt a sculpture for them. Each artist was declared a Saint and a name was given – like Saint Andrey, etc. A cathedral was built for the Saint sculptures that resembles a baloon parachute levitating in virtual Paris. The idea of the baloon shape was to symbolize the NFT movement as a baloon – will it burst or not? The Sainthood of the artists symbolizes the struggle for the emerging artist to establish herself/himself on his or her feet. The final work was a collection of 12 NFTs that are in the form of 3 min videos – available for each Saint. It can be found on my website.

You are offering "museum experience" in the form of a collectible NFT. Can you explain more about "Art Fair 35" to our audience?

ArtFair35 is the most fun project I have done so far. It’s an ongoing project. This year I turned 35. So I made a gift to myself in the form of my own art fair. As an artist you know- we are always beggers looking who is going to show our work, etc. But when you have your own art fair – you can go around, creating art and putting it all over the place- making installations, paintings, music, everything - like a child roaming around the chocholate factory. So I create all kinds of spaces, buildings and make my own exhibitions inside in the form of pavilions. I number them Pavilion 1,2,3 and so forth.

NFT Art goes viral in the world. What are you thinking about the “NFT Art” and do you think that can NFTs empower artists and  the art industry?
I used to make digital art before NFTs happened and I still love doing it- so for people like me – it’s an opportunity to keep creating art and make a living with it. But for those who all of a sudden started flooding the NFT space with rediculous projects and collectables that have no artistic value or even aesthetics, it’s a pity that such projects gain momentum, because it throws a shadow on the NFT movement. But overall the dust settles in the long run – so NFT will stay and keep serving artists to make art and live off it, which is the dream of every artist. 
What are you working on at the moment? Can you give us a spoiler on what’s coming next for Vartist?

Promotion, making music and participating to art competitions.

Anything else you'd like to mention that I didn't ask?

Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts. Let’s stay in touch over the social medias. Cheers to Life and Art.

Thank you for your time!