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Marvelous Art Magazine July Issue

We are here with our new issue. In this issue, we are proud to present you the original works of the Modern Art World and the extraordinarily talented artists in their field.

We are sure that you will see many masterpieces from different fields of art in this issue. We hope that you will enjoy this issue as much as we do.

Participating Artists : Alice Rudolf,  Aline Oudeau Chiofolo, Allessandra Bisi, Anna Martynenko, Camila Noirz, Carole Pueo, Carolyn Sehgal, Chandrasen M. Salvi, Claudia Gorena, Cristina Cerminara, David Peichl, Diego Juan Jesus Fabricatore, Dodi Ballada, Elisabeth Gauci, Farnoush Doroudgar, Haunted Chloe, Ivana Bukovac, KAIH aka SOVED, Kamilla Bartków, Kristen Schaap, Lalo Huesca, Lena Snow, Livia Maria, Marie-Julie Lafrance, Marina Kolesnikova, Mário Carestiato, Monique Ilsink, Nicola Heim, Nick John, Patricia Concha, Paola Bottoni, Rita Quattrochhi, Sérgio Lucas, Stille Skygger, Su Moon, Tatiana Moura, Udisha Kumar, Valentina Moon Child, Vanessa Wenwieser.

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